natural solutions to relieve sore throat

What natural solutions to relieve sore throat?

The winter season is now on our doorstep … But who says “winter” of course says proliferation of bacteria, infections or viruses galore. Result: your throat is irritated, your voice is hoarse or hoarse and unpleasant feelings of tickling in the throat appear … Oh how sore throat leads us hard! But do not panic, it is quite possible to relieve and stop it with natural solutions and remedies . Follow our advice to overcome this annoying pain and you will find the form!

Sore throat, an enemy to eradicate!

Often caused by a virus or a bacterial infection , the sore throat, also called the oropharynx , is manifested by inflammation of the throat, at the back of the mouth and the uvula (part of the flesh located at the bottom of the oral cavity). This unpleasant irritation of the throat may also be caused by non-infectious elements such as cigarette smoke or pollen allergies, too much effort of the voice, pollution or vomiting.

If the inflammation is not treated quickly, the sore throat can last a long time and get worse. This is why it is important to act as soon as the first symptoms appear. These are easily identifiable:

  • Tickling deep in the throat
  • Difficulties and pains to swallow
  • Irritated throat
  • Visibly swollen glands at the neck
  • Red throat

Simple and natural remedies to soothe your sore throat

Your throat is irritated and hurts you? Many natural solutions allow you to stop inflammation directly. Discover our remedies, simple and effective! Warning: it is obvious that if the symptoms of sore throat get worse, a visit to the doctor is recommended.

  • By the fireside: there’s nothing like staying warm and pampering yourself by avoiding talking too much and protecting your neck to the limit. A simple but effective advice: rest  ! Because, yes, the rest is one of the best remedies to make leave the sore throat.
  • Try aromatherapy . Treat your inflammation with inhalation. On a tissue, place a few drops of scotch pine or thymol thyme essential oils . Antibacterial, they act effectively against sore throat, as well as infections. Our grandmothers already used these essential oils for their balsamic and antiseptic virtues. In massage, dilute 5 drops of ravintsara essential oil in a vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil and massage the neck, chest and upper back. Recognized for its antiviral properties, this essential oil releases the airways.
  • Drink hot drinks! The tea , for example, is an enjoyable solution effective. Tip: melt honey (lavender honey is great for relieving irritation) and add it to lemon juice. Antiseptics, lemon and honey accelerate healing thanks to their antibacterial properties. A miraculous drink, we tell you! You do not like tea? You can also concoct hot water flavored with thyme and honey. Antiseptic, honey softens your irritated throat, while thyme, expectorant, relieves your sore throat.

Want to concoct yourself a cocktail of shock to cure and soothe your sore throat? Follow our advice to make a grog with anti-sore throat in just a few minutes:



  • 20 cl of water
  • The juice of a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon rum (not required)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick

– Pour some hot water into your favorite mug.

– Then dilute (optional) a little brown rum.

– Add a squeezed lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.

– To enjoy more aromas, dip in a cinnamon stick. Mix everything.

– Finally, finish by incorporating a slice of lemon into your drink. A radical cocktail!

  • Eat marshmallow  to soothe your irritated mucous membranes. Truthful! Of course, it’s not about children’s favorite sweets, but about root and marshmallow flowers. It was used a long time ago to relieve sore throat and soothe the uncomfortable cough. Roots containing mucilage (vegetable substances that swell on contact with water) are similar to gelatin once in water. In ancient times, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese used marshmallow roots both as a food and as a medicine. This is to say the effectiveness of this ancestral plant! If you want to find dried marshmallow roots, you can buy them at organic stores.
  • Gargle ! It is granted, it is not very classy, ​​but the gargle is a real natural anti-inflammatory remedy that helps relieve the airways. How? Nothing more simple: in warm water, dilute a teaspoon of salt. A natural disinfectant!
  • Abuse propolis . Resinous vegetable matter made by bees, propolis is a true elixir for the throat! Recognized since ancient times as a natural antibiotic , it helps to sanitize and soothe inflammation of the throat. Spray or syrup, radical!

Natural products to eradicate sore throat

To enhance the benefits of these few remedies of grandmothers , it is advisable to supplement your care to accelerate the positive effects through the use of anti-sore throat and softening lozenges. Here are some natural products to get back into shap

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