What Makes a Quality E-Juice?

What Makes a Quality E-Juice?

E-juices seem to be a dime a dozen, and while many are great, it’s time to question: what makes a quality e-juice?

Most of you already know what you like in an e-juice, but we’re going to push you to really think about what it is you like in your favorite juices. From PG/VG ratios to flavor profiles and more, here’s a quick primer to keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for e-juices.

PG Versus VG​

Most of you are probably aware that there’s a big difference between PG/VG ratios in e-juices. Depending on how much you know about propylene glycol, known as PG, and vegetable glycerin, known as VG, this little introduction on how they work may surprise you.

First things first, right? PG and VG are the main ingredients in every e-juice. Absolutely every juice on the market today includes both. It’s for a good reason: you need a combination of both in order to get a high-quality juice. Don’t believe us? Keep reading?

PG Versus VG

PG is a thin liquid, meaning it doesn’t leave gunk on your atomizer and doesn’t affect the flavor of your juice. It has no taste or odor associated with it. It does have a strong throat hit, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, avoid a high PG/VG ratio is your e-liquids.

VG, on the other hand, is thicker and is known for producing those sick vapor clouds that you’re used to seeing on Youtube. Because it’s got a thicker consistency, it’s also known for causing problems with atomizers, making you have to clean or change them more often. VG also has a sweet taste, which can cloud the taste of most e-juices; it also doesn’t have as strong of a throat hit for vapers who don’t like to get a sting in their throat.

Flavor Profile

Flavor profiles make a difference for most vapers; some like complex flavors while others like simple e-juices, like the ones from Naked 100 juice and the Naked 100 Salt juice lines. It’s a preference on the part of the consumers, certainly, but it’s also something that manufacturers keep in mind.

Complex flavors are relatively easy to come by; these are the so-called “grown” flavor profiles, like drinks, cereal, and dessert juices. You can even throw candy flavors into the mix because while they may seem complex, it’s a delicate mix of fruity and sweet flavors that make up what you vape in your mod. Naked 100 Salt American Patriots is a good example because it combines tobacco and caramel with other flavors to make up on e-juice.

Simple flavor profiles, like those from Naked, focus on just one flavor profile. This line tends to focus on fruity profiles, like the Naked 100 Juice Hawaiian POG. It’s a tropical fruit profile, using passion fruit, orange, and guava.

Many of the best quality e-juices focus on one flavor profile rather than going for many flavors within one juice. This is because the mixology formula is hard to get right, although several companies have had phenomenal success. But while flavor profile depends on you, meaning whether you like one profile or another, there is something else that can’t be debated: ingredient quality.

Ingredient Quality

The quality of your e-juice is important, and not just for flavor reasons. We do admit, though, that it’s one of the biggest reasons to go with a premium e-juice. We’re just being honest here.

But the truth is, ingredient quality matters. From the VG and PG to the actual flavor, the quality of the products matters. And as a vaper, you’ll know immediately if a juice doesn’t meet your standards.

For fun, however, let’s go over what a low-quality juice looks and smells like. A low-quality juice is cloudy and may have weird things floating in it. This is a big, gigantic, red flag for you to leave it in the shop. Trust us, it’s not worth your time.

The other thing to be on the lookout for, especially if an e-juice looks normal, is the smell. If you buy a flavor and take it home to find that it smells weird or harsh, don’t bother loading it into your tank. E-juices tend to taste exactly how they smell, and if it smells off, it’ll smell worse heated, so don’t even try it.

Thankfully, most e-juices are of a good quality, but as you can see above, there are exceptions to the rule. When buying an e-juice, think to yourself whether or not flavor or vapor production means more. Ask yourself what flavors you’re more likely to vape. Question the e-juices you find and try to make sure they’re of a decent quality. Your vape mod will thank you for it.


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