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What are the benefits of taking vitamin supplements?

One of the biggest industries in the world right now is the vitamin supplement market. Reported to be worth around $30bn in 2017, many people across the globe supplement their diet with different vitamins for health purposes. Of course, you should be getting all the vitamins you need from the food and drink you consume, but for many people, this is not as easy as it sounds! Even if you can afford to eat the necessary amount and variety of food to do this, the levels of certain vitamins that you need may not be consumed at a high enough level.

Vitamin supplements offer an affordable, simple and convenient way to solve this problem. Armed with highlevels of the vitamins they contain inside, they can be dissolved in water to drink or swallowed with water. Access to the best vitamin supplements is easier than ever now with many online and high street stores selling them.

What are the most popular supplements to take?  

While there is a wide selection of vitamin supplements to take, the below are the most popular currently:

  • Vitamin C for energy and a robust immune system
  • Vitamin B (from B1, B2 through to B12) for more energy and reduced fatigue
  • Vitamin A for improved eyesight and growth
  • Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
  • Vitamin E for strong nails and healthy skin

This is not an exhaustive list of what you can take– it simply shows the most popular supplements taken around the world to become healthier. 

Why take vitamin supplements? 

While we have looked at the general reasons why vitaminsupplements are so popular, here are some more specific reasons to know about:

  • Helps address any gaps in your diet – you may eat a varied and healthy diet but still be deficient in some important vitamins. Not all vitamins are found in all foods, so by not eating a certain sort of food, you may miss out on the specific vitamin found in them. Knowing the vitamin that you are short of may not be enough to solve this as the food that contains the vitamin may be unavailable to you. This is where taking a vitamin supplement for that particular vitamin can help.
  • Can help with specific goals– there are many vitamins that can help with certain health issues such as tiredness or hair loss. The problem can be that getting them in high enough concentrations or in the right combinations of different vitamins can be almost impossible naturally. Vitamin supplements combine the right vitamins in the right amounts to help meet certain goals.
  • Great value–vitamin supplements very often give better value than buying fresh fruit or vegetables in the quantities needed for effective results. You could, for example, eat carrots to boost your vitamin A levels, but you would need a huge pile each day to really see a difference. For most people, this is too expensive and not practical. A vitamin A supplement, however, is far more cost-effective and simple.
  • More convenient – to really boost your vitamin C levels, you would need to eat around ten medium oranges a day. The reality is that most people are too busy to fit this in, and their boss at work probably wouldn’t appreciate the regular breaks to eat oranges. You can get this same level of vitamin C from one supplementary tablet, and this takes just a few seconds in the morning before you leave to take.

Vitamin test package  

To really get the most from taking vitamin supplements,first, verify you are taking the right vitamins. After all, there is no point in taking lots of vitamin A or E if your levels of this vitamin are fine. Similarly, you need to know which vitamins you are low in to make sure that you have supplements with these in. A vitamin test package is a great idea for this reason and will make sure that you are taking the supplements you need. This will not only improve your health but also prevent you wasting money!

Vitamin supplements can really help 

Of course, you should still make every effort to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to get the vitamins you need from that. However, vitamin supplements offer an effective way to help if this is not possible or you still need something extra to stay in top shape. With so many top-quality vitamin supplements on the market now at great value for money, you should have no trouble finding the right one for you.

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