Do you have plenty of this year’s sneakers? All day sitting on the same bench? One wish, stay under your comforter? You do not really feel on your plate … Alert!

One thing to do: put on your tap, take your towel, do two shopping and fly … but further than Sète.

No headaches, Evaneos, the soul poet, gives you the recipe to make your mood more perky: the top of the most fun destinations in our world of many facets.

So, ready for 2017? By car Colette!

1. Canada

Start with a good dose of wide open spaces: seas, lakes, mountains. Add a few pinches of wild animals: bears, wolves, whales, gathered in their natural environment. Sprinkle it all with Canadian kindness and hospitality and of course pour a lot of maple syrup. Here it is, Canada’s recipe for entering the top countries to visit in 2017.

I want to discover Canada!

2. South Africa

To go to South Africa is to travel in a multiple country, marked by its history. Let yourself be immersed in this multicultural atmosphere and take advantage of it to discover the treasures of the country: incredible landscapes and wildlife. All these elements make this destination enter the top 2017 without hesitation.

I want to leave right away in South Africa!

3. Vietnam

Why Vietnam enters the top destinations 2017? Simply because Vietnam is: incredible gastronomy, landscapes of rice fields or breathtaking beaches, ancient traditions and also modern infrastructure. Not to mention a welcoming population and proud to share its customs. A must!

I would like to learn about Vietnam

4. Colombia

Long remained in the shadow of its Latin American cousins, Colombia has been widely open to travelers in recent years and we understand why! This Latin American country has a unique biodiversity in the world and changing landscapes between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, paradisiac beaches and snow-capped mountains. And to top it off, you can be sure to receive a warm welcome from its inhabitants, in a festive and colorful atmosphere. Do not forget to stop and have a coffee.

In 2017, I travel to Colombia!

5. South Korea

Let yourself be charmed by this pearl on the borders of the Orient. The country knew how to develop while preserving its traditions. Do not miss the traditional Buddhist temples that punctuate the green and hilly landscapes. The plus: Korea is a more confidential alternative and less busy than Japan to go to cherry blossoms! The good plan 2017 …

I am tempted by South Korea

6. Montenegro

You can not miss it anymore … Montenegro is what we call a nugget. The country is small, but concentrated … perfect for the summer! Less known than its neighbor Croatia, it still has the same treasures: Mediterranean beaches dream mountains ideal for hiking, and delicious cuisine. A relaxing or sporting destination, all, really not far from home.

Go, Montenegro !

7. Argentina

Ah, Argentina. Looks like we kept the best for the end of this year’s top destinations! So there, we do not know where to start: go see the Patagonian glaciers, the incredible falls of Iguazu, the estancias of the Pampas or colorful quebradas of the North-West region? Well, we’ll think about all this in front of a lomo bife luscious as only the Argentineans know how to prepare … on a tune of course

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