After our most unusual travel experiences , place our most romantic experiences !

And yes, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to take you on a trip … This year, we forget flowers and chocolates. All this is seen and reviewed and, let’s agree, it does not surprise anyone. In 2017, we see things in big and we share the unknown. So yes, to take off today, it may be a little fair. But the good news is that you can go in love all year round!

And indeed, the experiences of travel to live in love are many : unusual or classic, sports or gastronomic, but still romantic!

Do not wait any longer: immediate boarding aboard the flight AFLOVE for romantic travel experiences to live in the four corners of the world.

For Valentines who have the rhythm in the skin: learn the tango in Argentina

If it is a sensual dance made for couples passionately in love, it is the tango, which is all the rage among Argentines. So, ladies, it’s time to take out your high heels; Gentlemen, your most beautiful shoes. In place ? What a frenzied evening begins!

For well-wrapped couples: take a cruise to Antarctica

Antarctica , have you ever thought of it? And yet, off the beaten track, this land of ice holds many treasures. On the deck of your boat, everything is pristine white and enveloping silence. Take the time to observe the unique landscapes of a deserted continent and rediscover yourself in the fullness of the North Pole …

For riders: galloping in unison on the beaches of Nicaragua

Here is a riding field as far away as it is sunny: Nicaragua. Ride your horse and gallop through wild lands to a dizzying waterfall. Or prefer the beach at sunset for a magical moment under orange skies …

For freedom-loving couples: to go on an adventure in New Zealand

For you, love lives on the roads? Like Sailor and Lula, get on board your minivan and stop at the whim of your desires through the beautiful scenery of New Zealand. Alongside Australia and Iceland, it is a land for road trips. A wind of freedom blows on your couple!

For the intrepid adventurers: to swim in a waterfall nestled in the Costa Rican jungle

Costa Rica is wilderness. And who says wild nature says little piece of paradise lost in a generous and lush nature. So put on your sneakers and go in search of YOUR waterfall.

For gourmet lovers: get drunk in an enoteca in Italy

Italy is famous for its pasta and pizza. But from you to me, the wines of Chianti and the Spritz have been eyeing you for some time, right? So, look for  the most secret enoteca , and enjoy a cozy atmosphere to enjoy bicchiere di vino rosso –  a glass of red wine in vf.  Salute !

For the great romantics: stroll under the cherry blossoms of Japan

Trees adorned with delicate pink flowers as far as the eye can see, here you are in Japan in spring, the season of love! With a parasol in hand, walk the labyrinth of gardens and smell the delicate scent of Japanese cherry trees. In this romantic setting, all is luxury, calm and pleasure …

For collectors of beautiful hotels: sleeping in a beautiful lodge in Kenya

After a hot day in the Kenyan savannah to observe lions, giraffes and elephants, what better than to find the charm and calm of your room? Spend this night in the most luxurious room of a lodge, overlooking the snow of Kilimanjaro

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