A trip is a collection of moments and memorable experiences . A meal shared with Indians, an encounter with the gorillas of Rwanda, the spectacle of an aurora borealis in Iceland, the moving visit of a historical monument …

Difficult to choose from so many possibilities, so I decided to present 10 unusual travel experiences to live around the world with us . Follow the guide !

 1. Observe the stars with a passionate astronomer in Chile

At the heart of the Atacama desert , here you are in the charming village of San Pedro. Here, the beauty of the skies will put your eyes full: the Milky Way and a myriad of stars are offered to you in the vastness of the natural spaces of Chile. Guided by an experienced astronomer, you will become unbeatable on the Great Bear, the Orion Belt and the formation of the Milky Way. To you, the starry heavens of Chile!

2. Living with nomads of the Mongolian steppes

Ride on your horse, hang on to the reins and follow me! A trip to Mongolia will allow you to experience unusual but mostly authentic travel moments. For a week or more, live like the Mongols: sleep under a yurt in a nomadic camp, take care of yaks, horses and livestock necessary for the daily life of your hosts, and gallop through the sea. immensity of the steppes of Mongolia.

3. Diving with Manta rays in Indonesia

During a trip to Indonesia , stop over at Langkoi Bay in the Komodo Archipelago and explore the seabed. Colorful and mesmerizing, they are the realm of the impressive Manta rays. Put on your wetsuit, mask and snorkel quickly and join the world of Nemo without delay!

4. Exchange with Himba villagers in Namibia

A moving travel experience to live only in Namibia: the encounter with the Himba ethnic group, the “red people” of the north of the country. Accompanied by a translator, discover the daily life of these semi-nomadic pastors and their customs. This is an opportunity to visit the bush school but above all, to enjoy a good dinner with the villagers to exchange with them.

5. Spend the night in an ice hotel in Canada

Canada winter: cold weather, outdoor spa and comforting poutine! But the most unusual experience to live during a trip to maple country, it is decidedly to spend a night in an ice hotel. Slip into your warmest pajamas, stretch out in your ice bed and wrap yourself in the skin of a beast! All you have to do is count the numbers Caribou …

6. Watch the world’s smallest penguins in New Zealand

In remote areas of New Zealand live tiny penguins: Pygmy little penguins or blue penguins ( blue penguins in English, which is the road sign). At night, they come out of the water to find food on the land, while the predators sleep … It’s also an opportunity for you to watch them feed their little ones warm on the wild coasts of the South Island.

7. Visit Dracula Castle in Romania

Bram Stoker has created one of the most inspiring characters in the vampire universe: Dracula! It is in Romania, in Transylvania more exactly, that Count Vlad Dracula has built the legend that we know. According to popular rumor, he lived in the mysterious castle of Bran, nicknamed Dracula Castle, near Brasov . So, keep your cool and open the doors of the most scary vampire’s lair …

8. Go down the Great Wall of China by toboggan

You do not believe me ? Yet it is possible. After visiting Beijing’s iconic landmark, children and adventurers looking for a hint of adrenaline will choose the giant Mutianyu section toboggan to hit a toboggan. Slower than a bobsleigh certainly, but definitely more exciting than walking down the steps of the wall! In 2 minutes, you are at the foot of the mountain, ready to sit in a small typical restaurant and enjoy a duck.

9. Browse the American West in Harley

I turn to bikers: tired of traveling the same roads again and again? Want new horizons? Embark on a road trip through the American West. From park to park, hair in the wind, enjoy roads that stretch to infinity, the legendary Road 66 in mind … An original means of transport for a 100% unusual and American experience. To you freedom!

10. Dance the waltz at a Viennese ball

I now take you to the ballroom of a magnificent palace in Vienna for a fairy night. Madam, tonight you will be Sissi; Sir, Franz Joseph of Austria. You will understand: evening dress required! On the tunes of Mozart or Schubert, observe the dancers’ ballet and join them. A waltz a thousand times

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