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Ten SEO Tips you can borrow from SEO agencies

In the race to being the top ranking website on Google, webmasters have had to put up with a lot. As overwhelming as the initial processes of SEO all through to running the scheduled campaign, some people have perfectly mastered the art. It makes the difference between high domain authorities and those that are not.

The only way to realize similar results, if not better, is to do what the experts do. SEO agencies have a couple of SEO tips that have worked for many brands, from which you could borrow to see to it your brand makes it on the first page of Google. Find ten of those tips here:

Learn your audience

There is no telling how quick your loyal audience-base can turn to your competitor’s website. Given the millions of sites sharing great content online, you have to be sure about who you are targeting with your information.

SEO agencies begin by studying the target audience, so they are better placed at serving their needs while achieving the company’s goals. Learn where your audience hangs out, particularly their favorite social media platforms, as well as what times they are actively online. Follow through with their feedback and comment on your articles and reviews for your products and services, to get a better grip on how to satisfy you. The happier your audience remains, the better you perform as a brand.

Study and understand your competition

Much as many SEO techniques involve working to better your website, there is more you can do by working offsite. Competitors are what make the whole SEO process enjoyable, and if you do not understand how they function, then you are missing out.

From your product list, search for other brands that share your business model, target market share, but more importantly, are more prominent than your brand. Consider also prominent websites that are entirely dissimilar from your business model. From this point, you can analyze their strategies of content creation and sharing, audience engagement, website structure, and navigability, among others. The competitor analysis technique allows you to identify a different way of doing things, mainly when you are targeting the same market share.

Public relations

PR (Public Relations) is both a short-term and long-term strategy that SEO agencies use for the success of their campaigns. Every business survives and thrives dependent on its relationships with other entities.

With link earning techniques like buying links being penalized by Google, you want to find solace in practicing PR. The best shot would be to liaise with your Public Relations department to help reinforce the connections you have made over time.

Other than keeping good ties with people, you ought to create compelling content that is of high-quality and valuable to the audience. This content should then be targeted to different media and blogs, etched in a particular way to be conversation starters. Journalists and bloggers may find such content worthy for linking to or provoking conversations that will give you the attention you are after.

Capitalize on Google Analytics

There are a variety of tools available for the practice of SEO in the market that you can use including Serpbook agency rank tracker, but at the bottom of everything, you must employ the use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an SEO measuring tool that provides you with overall results of how healthy or unhealthy your website is. SEO agencies use this tool all the time, to weight out their SEO efforts put forth. Ideally, the tools will run through your site, analyzing all the necessary aspects of SEO like page speed, quality of copy, link structure, among others.

Use this tool to perfect the performance of your site by fixing broken links, identifying duplicate content, improving your page speed, among others. The best part is not only that it is free, but that it is affiliated to Google, which allows you to be on the good books of Google search engine.

Run a blog

Successful websites run a blog, which is an extension of the products or services they have to offer. Blogging makes sure that you are sharing more content with your audience, and as frequently as possible.

The trick with blogging is that the more technical and relevant your blog posts are, the more information you have to back up your marketing messages and to push your brand to the right audience further. Blogs also provide your visitors with more reasons to hang around your site, with more value to draw from your brand.

Guest blogging

SEO agencies help pout other bloggers all the time. The idea with creating free content for other sites is that you increase your audience base by targeting newer customers. The other advantage is that you earn yourself the quality and rich links that link back to your site through the content.

When choosing which sites to write a blog for, focus on areas you are vastly knowledgeable in, in such a way you produce high-quality material. Concentrate on sites that operate in your sector, and predominantly renowned platforms with high domain authority.

Be a social media guru

Social media is such a life-saver for businesses today, handling a lot of marketing and PR functions for most brands. The greatest thing about social media is that it gathers a very diverse audience, one that could easily be interested in an array of industries.

Being a social media guru demands that you become very flexible to handle the stretched time zones that favor your target audience. You also have to increase your presence by being actively and intentionally involved in the activities happening online. Since social media is all about conversations that build relationships, be a conversation starter and participate in other people’s discussions.

Manage your follower base by frequently sharing posts that are interesting, timely and relevant. You can also create communities and forums that will allow you to gather the appropriate audience for your attention.

Create your keywords

Keywords go a long way in boosting the visibility of a site on search results. They are your best shot at capturing the attention of an audience that would otherwise be interested in the type of articles you produce and products you sell.

Creating your keywords gives you a competitive edge in that you reduce the competition. Also, such terms and phrases allow you to be more intentional in bringing out your brand’s essence in every message you pass across. Your best shot at making such keywords popular is by pushing them on social media platforms as hashtags. Diversify your selection by coming up with long-tail phrases, localized phrases, and general ones. All these perspectives will bring your target audience closer to you while reaching out to a newer audience base.

Organize events

It is not uncommon to find SEO agencies play a part in speaking at conferences as a means to reach out to new clients off the internet.

As soon as right now, you must start organizing events in your sector, some for free, and some paid. The goal is to show your target audience that you have more to offer even in person, and this will build trust with them. Search engines are also very quick to pick up on events, and this might as well skyrocket your Google rankings. You can partner with other websites in your sector, even your competitors, and make the best out of it.

Also, consider attending other events organized by different people, even non-industry ones. While at, be very active a participant, and get your brand noticed.

Always have a call to action

The difference between SEO agencies and other businesses is the clarity of call-to-action. SEO agencies are very performance-driven, which makes it a priority to include a call-to-action in everything they are part of as matters to SEO.

Every content you create, and share should have a specific goal, one which is usually stated as a call-to-action. Let your audience know straight-on what your intention is, and this way, you acquire your results swifter.

Learn and take up these ten tips from the best, and transform your brand into an authority in your industry.

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