Street art is often moving and ephemeral, subject to the goodwill of the public forces that sometimes find it too controversial. It can disappear overnight. This is also what makes its beauty and interest: enjoy having it in front of you, it may not be here tomorrow !

We often come across a graffiti by chance, at the corner of an alley, without really looking for it. But if you want to bring luck to discover the most beautiful open-air works , here is a small guide to the most famous cities around the world for their colorful walls and message carriers.

New York, USA

Cradle of street art, the big apple saw the first street artists born and develop, against a backdrop of hip hop music, in the 70s. Today it is in Bushwick, in the Brooklyn district of New York that we must stop to observe the works of the latest graffiti artists.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In Sao Paulo, two forms of street art compete. The pichaçãos , graffiti often quite simple but which have the particularity of being located in almost inaccessible places, are next to more elaborate and colored graffiti which display proudly on the most visible and exposed walls. From this second category you may have already heard about the twin brothers Os Gemeos whose designs are known around the world.

Cartagena, Colombia

The most famous colonial city of Colombia does not have a superb architecture to unveil. Go to the neighborhood of Getsemani to observe the last pieces of street art appeared during the night. Telling the country’s colonial history or indigenous traditions, they reflect the diversity of Colombian culture

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