Sending a parcel to Europe

Some Useful Tips To Identify Defame Courier Services

With the advantage of technology, many things are becoming approachable that were beyond our reach. We can take an example of sending a parcel to Europe. In earlier days, people used to send their couriers from one part of the world to another and it used to take around years to reach to the receiver. But now, technology has transformed the process and sending a courier to any part of the world takes around maximum one week time.

You might be astonished but yes, it is utterly true. In the market, there are many parcel service providers available who do the honour for you. But along with the genuine service provider, there are also other’s available who are sub-agents and contain no clue about courier services. They just exist in the market and get their work done through others. For example, if you have booked a parcel service through them, instead of sending it to the destination they will charge you extra and will send the courier to the authorised and registered company (by paying them genuine fair) and will get the job done.

This process consumes your time and extra money and according to ethics, it’s just wastage. So, it is a right time for you to act smart and identify such defame courier service provider. But a question will arise in your mind that how to identify them? Well, there are some tips mentioned below with the help of it you can see the difference:-

Watch their Words: – You probably have gone to the courier service where you will see a staff that is attending you and booking a service for you. You need to question them a lot and by practising this you need to watch their words. If they are resolving your queries and on the spot giving you a valid tracking no, then this means that they are registered ones. And if they are asking you to visit again to get the tracking no then this means they are not the direct service provider.

Become a Spy:Sending a parcel to Europe requires a courier service provider a valid license. So if you visit any company just ensure that you check their license first before allowing them to get your parcel from your hands. Also, you can visit the shops at the next door and can inquire for the authenticity of such companies. This will ensure that your parcel is in a safe hand.

Ask for Legal Documentation: – Many times you might have experienced that most of the companies don’t ask you to sign legal or official papers for a booking. But this time if you are visiting to book a parcel then ensure that you should sign a legal or official paper and contain a copy of it. This will help you a lot in terms of loss or damage to your parcel.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you need to check their registration number and need to cross check with the officials, you need to ask for insurance of your goods as well from them. By practising this you will never send your parcel through a bogus company.

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