Knowing the Important Facts of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Knowing the Important Facts of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is a Government organization and is headquartered in Mumbai. It is the largest insurance company in India offering different insurance plans with suitable benefits. Presently, it operates with 8 zonal offices and 113 divisional offices. All over India, it has over 2000 branches followed by 14 lakh agents divulging the reputation of the organization. They come up with a vision “Yogakshemam Vahamyaham” and it carries the meaning- “Your welfare is our responsibility”. According to the Brand Equity Survey in 2012 by Economic Times, it has been recognised as the sixth most trusted financial organisation in India. The company won manifold awards like MEIF Institutional Excellence Award 2012, Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Services Award 2011.

LIC Online Services

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) offers online services to its users and thus, you can now get familiar with all optimistic facets. It helps you handle all your policy related work online and you can thus, avoid travelling to the office. Previously, one had to go the branch office to carry out these works, but now LIC offers customers these on-demand services with just a few clicks.

The online features include:

  • Doing E-service registration
  • Checking policy schedule
  • Checking policy status
  • Checking loan status
  • Checking claim status
  • Exploring claim history
  • Featuring premium due to a calendar
  • Doing payments online
  • Getting premium paid certificate
  • Getting a revival quotation
  • Finding a policy bond or a proposal from an image

Overall, you can now get a clear idea on the online services ensuring that you get a better experience with LIC. You can also find the option for grievance registration where you can post complaints, thereby finding effective solutions that help you to get a better experience with LIC. Knowing the claim history, you can handle the features in your way. Thus, managing finances becomes easier with LIC and you can explore a better way of life with all good things. You can now download forms online that save your time and you can also find the option to submit that validates your policy, helping you to enjoy the benefits.

What does LIC do?

LIC safeguards the interests of the users coming out with different policies ensuring that you can improve the quality of life. Here, you can find different insurance policies with affordable premium rates that give you the confidence to go ahead in life eliminating all the challenges. It comes out with an objective to meet various insurance needs of users featuring the smarter approaches. The LIC agents work for the welfare of the organization helping people get  financial stability for their family. The company inspires the employees to put their best efforts and they in turn help the company to grow with a global recognition. They come out as one of the most trusted financial institutions in India offering all beneficial solutions due to which you can get access to positive aspects in real-time. They also provide financial coverage because of the death of a person safeguarding the monetary status of the family.

Availing the Right Insurance Policy

Once you decide to avail a suitable insurance policy from Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), you must go through the terms and conditions comprehending the detailed facets. In this regard, you can seek the help of agents who can give you good suggestions that help you know the best options. You can thus handle your finances in the right way exploring the true importance of getting a feasible insurance policy from LIC. You can now enjoy a life free from any worries that give you the courage to move on achieving real success.

Now after you get the form online for a specific policy, make sure you enter all correct details that make you eligible to avail the services. The term plans from LIC turn out with a high coverage against lower premium rates revealing the effectiveness of the policy. There are three basic term plans:

  • LIC’s Anmol Jeevan II
  • LIC’s Amulya Jeevan II
  • LIC’s e-term

All these policies feature different tenures with varied beneficial options and by understanding these, you can make a wise choice leading a good lifestyle. In this way, you can give life a new start, thereby exploring the true happiness making you feel confident.

Coverfox brings in the details of LIC’s different policies that aid you to find the right one fulfilling all your needs. You can compare the premium rates of the policies and thus can come to a conclusion comprehending the financial benefits that aid in eradicating all difficulties in life.

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