Know From Steven Scansaroli Why Comics Books Deserve their Place in Literature

Know From Steven Scansaroli Why Comics Books Deserve their Place in Literature

In the recent times, if you go past a library, you will find a section where the entire series of several graphic novels are stuffed in line. And the conventional readers might wonder, why are these comic books kept in line with the rest of the literary pieces? Marvel and DC comics have been growing popular daily, and the cinematic adaptations of several comic books have often come on the news rocking the box offices over the years.

Long back, there came a graphic novel on Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It was indeed an innovative and appealing approach to bring in life to the drama. With graphic characters and word by word translations, it indeed came real. There has been forums where claims have come up that graphic novels should be dealt as literary works and not just an art form. The reasons are quite simple- the social issues that have been dealt in quite a few graphic novels are indeed grave.

While stating about them, Steven Scansaroli says that the graphic novel ‘Maus’ has talked about Holocaust, ‘Persepolis’ talked about the revolution that is growing up in Iran, and there are names like ‘V for Vandetta’ and ‘300’ which keeps retelling the Grimm’s fairy tales. There are many more which have been written to tell tales, and there’s a culture which is being anonymously put in. As people are getting to know more about graphic novels through Facebook posts and discussions in other literary forums, these pieces of works have started gaining prominence and have shown sufficient content to give a tough fight to the ‘real’ novels.

Are Comic Books and Graphic Novels Different- Steven Scansaroli Clears the Air of Confusion?

There have been several criticisms where the comic books and graphic novels are same? The basic and preliminary difference between a comic book and graphic novel is the format in which a story is being shared. All those stories which bear continuity throughout the book must be considered as graphic novel. On the contrary, those stories which have been dealt in multiple short stories are essentially comic books.

The problem of qualifying one against the other lies only among those who aren’t frequent readers or are trying their hands for the first time. When something is art based, how can it be considered as literary? This conceptual question keeps baffling them. And the comic books have always been associated with the childish reading. This is a huge mistake that Steven Scansaroli finds in attitude. There are hundreds of thousands of adult readers who search for graphic novels nowadays. And it is worthy enough to prove that there are literary angles in each of these pieces.

The illustrating capability within the graphic novelists helps him to carve out stories so skillfully. Stating a story with such bold characters is not a matter of joke, and only a literary piece can do it.

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