Integrated and multifunctional furniture, a clever idea for a renovation project
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Integrated and multifunctional furniture, a clever idea for a renovation project

Reno M3 presents you this month a renovation project in which our designers have integrated multifunction furniture, made to measure, by associating a function for each space that attaches to it. This is an effective tip for a renovation project of an open space room!

For this client, who presented us with a renovation project of a ground floor, we wanted to create a division to promote the judicious use of spaces. In the center of the room we designed a block with a contemporary design, very clean, built with the same materials as the kitchen, the European laminate and the polyester. The whole floor revolves around this element which serves as a central island and which defines the traffic on the ground floor. It is also a structural element because there is a support beam.

We created three distinct areas in this open area:

Dining room

Practical and pretty, the block adds storage space to the dining room, in addition to being multifunctional. It serves as both a buffet and lunch area, in addition to having integrated the customer’s cellar.


On the kitchen side, we created two pantries in custom furniture, one with a niche to insert the microwave. This furniture is an integral part of the kitchen.

Entrance Wardrobe

For the wardrobe space, we used sliding doors made of MDF and painted white instead of polyester. This material was more suitable for the use we wanted to make.

The panel that serves as the back of the buffet has become here the interior of the wardrobe. This is a perfect example of a successful multi-functional use for an original wardrobe!

The designers know RénoM3 use their creativity to make your renovation project at once unique, functional and aesthetic. Come meet us in one of our two showrooms , we will realize your dream space with or without multifunction furniture!

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