Importance of Holiday Homework

Importance of Holiday Homework

Summer vacations have started, all the kids are enjoying their vacations, playing with their friends, cousins, pets throughout the day. During their vacations, kids are very happy, as the schools are closed, no pressure to go to school in the morning, they can meet their cousins, go to their native, and enjoy their vacation.

Homework is the outside school activities, specially assigned to the students by their respective teachers to keep them focused on studies and improve their essential skills. This task may be of solving worksheets, writing essays and composition, drawing, the collection of materials, solving math problems, and other project work. There are many benefits of homework to the students as it helps them to learn better, improves the stability and have a deeper understanding of the topic.

For example: If the students are preparing a model of a cell for their biology class project. Before the teacher explains about the different organs, its functions and important role of the nucleus in the cell, they will be thorough in all the cell organs, functions, and its diagrams, as they would have referred more books, websites and collected more information regarding the topic to complete their homework.

The holiday homework is very important to students as they can spend their precious time in keeping them in touch with the syllabus. There are many parents who are against holiday homework. According to them, holiday or vacation is a time for all students to relax and spend a quality of time with their family members after the routine academic days. But few parents agree with holiday homework as they are aware of its effectiveness to their students.

Here are a few points about the importance of holiday homework

  1. Homework helps a child to improve their thinking capacity.
  2. It helps the students to stay focused on their studies.
  3. This assignment helps students to be ready for their next academic year.
  4. Homework teaches students about their responsibilities, time management and how to handle the task independently.
  5. As the vacation is for a complete 2 to 3 months, there are chances for some students to forget what they have learned during the school year. This holiday homework helps students to have a complete review of their curriculum.

Homework helps a child to make use of all the available resources, such as textbooks, other reference materials, internet, YouTube videos and lot more. For example, students can learn in detail about the Photosynthesis, human heart, digestive system and the lot more with the help of these resources which are not available in their textbooks.

These are a few points about the importance of holiday homework. Students can subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel and watch interactive video lessons on various biology and other exam related topics.

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