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How to Take Care of Tile and Stone Surfaces

Elegant tile and reliable stone is the best timeless solution for any house House renovations experts recommend these durable materials for bathroom, kitchen or shower installation. They can’t be unpopular as they bring touch of class and elegance, value and beauty, comfort and appealing atmosphere to your home. Besides, they don’t require much care and maintenance. Planning to make ultimate statement, the use of tile and stone is the natural choice. Check over here a few simple rules to follow.

– Bleach and ammonia-based cleaners

Never use these products for cleaning your tile and stone as they gradually discolour grout lines. Choose other milder all-purpose products to get squeaky clean results. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

– Scrubbing

Steel wool, abrasive scrubbing powders or any scrubbing materials must never be used on tile as they damage its finish. All you need is soft cleaning cloths and mops.

– Spills

Wipe any spills up immediately, as they discolour tile and grout. Any type of oil, tomatoes and any type of drink stains cause permanent damage to tile and stone:

– Furniture protectors

Though tile’s rather hard material that can withstand a lot, but it easily cracks or chips too. Use furniture protectors for chair or table legs and on the bottom of any potted plants to protect your surfaces. Be careful moving furniture.

– Vacuum’s beater bar

Never use it on your tile flooring as it scratches or dulls your finish. Turn off a beater bar to hard surface floors instead.

– Sweeping, mopping

The worst enemy to a tile floor’s dirt and debris. Sweep, vacuum or mop tile floors regularly to keep them looking great and to prevent any damage to the grout and finish.

– Caulking and Sealing

Exposed to water tile surfaces need to be periodically caulked. Sealing protects the grout from wear and tear, any kind of damage and stains.

– Oil-based cleaners

If you’ve installed glazed tile, don’t use oil-based cleaner on, as its surface is rather slippery.

– Door mats:

The dirt and small debris are trekked in by shoes and boots. Place a doormat outside and inside of home to prevent these unpleasant intruders on your tile surface.

– Over-wetting

Too much water on a mop or any spill damages, dulls and stains your tile. Wetness is the source of mildew and dingy grout lines. Besides, tap water contains minerals that leave behind discoloration. Remember to buff and polish your tile and stone.

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