Technology Is Revolutionizing the Vaping Industry

How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Vaping Industry

Cigarettes have been around for the longest time. All through the decades, however, the cigarettes have remained really technologically uncomplicated. A newcomer, the e­cigarette, has seen its popularity rise drastically thanks to the negative perception of cigarettes, their associated health risks, and addiction.

The e­cigarettes were introduced in the market in the early 2000s. Since then, more than 200 different brands have been created and there’s still room for vast expansion. With aggressive campaigns, and other e­cigarette companies are set to increase the size of the market.

The E­cigarettes’ Anatomy

The basic components of an e­cigarette are:

  1. A lithium battery that’s rechargeable
  2. A cartridge that holds the e­liquid
  • An atomizer where the heating coil is found
  1. An LED light which simulates the light produced by a burning cigarette
  2. A sensor; this activates the atomizer and the LED light

The atomizer heats the e­liquid which reaches its boiling point and then vaporizes into a vapor that you inhale. The act of smoking an e­cigarette is known as vaping.

Vaping and Technology

There no signs of slowing down for the vibrant and vaping fast-growing vaping industry. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which technology has revolutionized the vaping industry:

  1. Hardware Efficiency

Since the beginning, major technological advancements have been made. These were aimed at increasing overall hardware efficiency. The result has been smaller and more user-friendly designs.

When it was first launched, the e­cigarette was far simpler and resembled the regular cigarette in appearance. Later, vape pens were introduced. These long-lasting are refillable and have strong batteries.

Improvements resulted in cutting-edge devices that allow one to have more control over their vaping experience. This is made possible by features such as:

  1. Regulated charging
  2. Temperature control
  • Low resistance
  1. Highly customizable tanks and coils
  2. Improved safety feature e.g. protection against short-circuits
  3. Innovative Flavors

The lack of restrictions has made manufacturers entirely open to ideas. More concepts have been implemented resulting in the creation of a wide range of flavors.

The flavor quality is further enhanced by controlling and setting the temperature of the atomizer coil.

  1. Vigorous Advertisement

In this social media age, e­cigarettes have reached new audiences and everywhere you go it seems that the devices have made their presence known.

Some of the methods used to advertise are celebrity endorsement, free samples, email marketing, telemarketing, and visibility on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Quality and Convenience

The main emphasis all through has been to provide the users with smooth and more satisfactory hits. Also, as users are in the pursuit of larger clouds, more advanced features that focus on vapor production have been developed.

As competition between different brands grows, the users benefit from the high­quality products that are made. Users demand more versatile, reliable, durable, and convenient devices which the manufacturers have to comply with to provide them with the best experience.

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