you still play this 2017 game

Fortnite: Why should you still play this 2017 game?

Every now and then, a game comes along and conquers the minds, thumbs and hearts of online gamers all around the world. Fortnite is such a game! But, do you, or have you, ever played Fortnite?Released in 2017, this game can be described as a cross between Minecraft and a shooter game. Even if this Epic Game has been online since 2017, over 150 million people worldwide have launched this game this year, making it an international obsession.

Fortnite is the survival game; players fight each other to make it through a night of zombies to be the only survivors in a massive battle. Like in movies, the players need to collect materials from their surroundings to build shelters, to avoid being killed by others. The game is free but players have to but their accessories and characters, if they want to.

The first edition, Fortnite: Save the World, came to existence in July 2017 on Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it instantly conquered the online gaming community. The initial game had different playing modes and the most buzzed one was Battle Royale: a 100-person fight to death to crown just one survivor. Following this buzz, Fortnite: Battle Royale, was released as a stand- alone in September. And, in just 6 months, the game generated $223 million!

Many gamers will agree that this mode helped shape Fortnite into a phenomenon. It quickly became the most watched game on Twitch and on YouTube Gaming. Gaming data from Newzoo confirms that Fortnite alone makes 12.8% of all the traffic on these platforms. Plus, even an iOS mobile app of Fortnite was released in March 2018, and it was downloaded millions of times within the first 12 hours.

The success of Fortnite lies in the fact that is a social experience. Even if the game can be played solo, gamers can also team up in pairs or fours, to battle together. They might not be physically together but they can communicate over Discord or other platforms like FaceTime to coordinate strategies, root for each other and alert teammates in case of threats.

Moreover, Fortnite is one of the rare free high-quality game. The designs make the game interesting and suitable for people of all ages. Even if there were claims about the game’s theme of violent and killings, the designs of the game, does not portray any kind of graphics which can be mentally disturbing. This is one good reason to play the game! Unlike other online video games, Fortnite does not portray violence.

Even after a year, Fortnite keeps getting strong and this is the proof that old is gold! It’s not usual to find games which are still online sensation after a year of existence as the online gaming market is a competitive one. However, Fortnite makes it to the top just like Fluffy Favourites Slot! Released by Eyecon in2006, this online slot game still makes it to the list of most popular games! Never tried the slot game? You can do so anytime at the best online casino, Aspers!

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