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Five Quick Tips to get your Home Ready for the Summer

Summer is around the corner. But is your house summer ready?

From cleaning ceiling fans to servicing your air-conditioners, here are some tips to spruce up your home and get it prepared for the soaring temperatures. Sunny days and warmer weather are just a few weeks away. It’s time to give your home a quick spring clean, so that you can enjoy sultry evenings and weekends with your friends and family, relaxing on your verandas and backyards.

Here are a few handy tips to get your home ready for the summer, so that you can kick back and enjoy the warm days in style.

Get your AC serviced

You definitely want to stay cool this summer, so make sure that your air-conditioners are operating at their peak efficiency. It’s a great idea to clean and service your ACs at least once a year, and summer is the perfect time to do it. Make sure to choose professionals services for AC repair from service providers such as Housejoy to clean both the indoor and outdoor units.

The AC condenser, which is left outside on a sunshade or the terrace, would have accumulated debris over the winter. Make sure to clean the condenser unit thoroughly and refill the gas, so that you enjoy efficient cooling during the hot months ahead.

Clean your Windows and Doors

Spring is the perfect time to clean the exteriors of your windows and doors. To add sparkle to your windowpanes, use a spray bottle filled with a cleaning solution and old newspapers. Wear gloves if you are prone to skin infections and allergies.

While you’re cleaning, make sure to inspect the windows for any damage due to the cold weather and rain. If you find that window sidings are worn out or broken, hire a professional to replace it. This goes a long way in keeping the hot air out during the warm summer months.

Inspect the Roof and Exteriors

With monsoons over and cold temperatures gone, this is the perfect time to check your home’s exterior for any problems. Look for broken shingles, pipes, and skylights. If you find any cracks, make sure to have it replaced before monsoon rolls in.

If you can’t reach your roof, make sure to call in professionals who have the necessary tools and equipment.

Clean your Overhead Water Tanks

Summer is the time when you’re likely to face water shortage issues. So, make sure to have your storage tanks cleaned and sanitized, well ahead of time. Cleaning water tanks is a tedious job and can take even a few days. If you don’t have the time or resources, you can call in experts who will do the job for you.

Tidy your outdoor yard and patios

If you’ve completed all the chores listed above, give a congratulatory pat on your back. It’s time to head into your yard and relax with your kids. But, before you do so, make sure to inspect all outdoor play equipment for signs of wear and tear like rust, exposed screws and sharp edges.

Make sure to wash your outdoor furniture thoroughly, give it a coat of paint, and get it ready for the long summer evenings. Also, if you have a home garden, make sure to prune off dried leaves and move your potted plants to a shady area, to escape the scorching summer sun.

With these important home maintenance chores out of the way, you can enjoy summer vacations, relaxing and having a whole lot of fun.

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