Eat safely during pregnancy

Eat safely during pregnancy

 you are planning to become pregnant or have just become pregnant, it is better to have a blood test done quickly to take stock of your immunity. You must know if you are immunized for CMV, rubella and toxoplasmosis, which represent 3 pathologies that are dangerous for your fetus.

CMV (cytomegalovirus)

This virus is transmitted by saliva, urine and sperm generating symptoms similar to those of influenza. If you are not immune, make sure to wash your hands as often as possible, not to kiss your mouth, drink or eat in the same dishes as a carrier of the virus (often, young children ), to wear gloves when caring young children (change, clean the nose ..). To date, there is no cure if you have caught CMV during pregnancy so be careful if you are not immune.


Today more than 95% of women are immunized, but if this is not the case, it is best to be vaccinated before pregnancy. This virus, responsible for rubella, is transmitted by saliva and causes serious fetal malformations. As with CMV, the earlier the virus contracts early in pregnancy, the more serious the consequences can be even fatal.


It is a disease caused by a parasite carried by raw meat and cats. For the mother, the toxoplasmosis results in a simple cooling, but for the baby, according to the stage of the pregnancy, the consequences are more or less important even if there exists to date curative treatments.

If you are not immune, avoid changing cat litter, touching the ground without gloves. At the food level, it is necessary to cook well (> 65 ° C) the meats, the fish and the eggs as well as to wash the fruits and the crudités which are in contact with the ground. You can also put these foods in the freezer (-20 ° C for 3-4 days) to kill this parasite. For the same reasons, you have to choose cheese and pasteurized milk.


It is an infection caused by bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes) and also transmitted by raw foods of animal origin (meat, cheese, milk, eggs). There is no lasting immunization so you have to be very careful because you can always be recontaminated. This disease goes almost unnoticed (small flu possible) in healthy people, but this bacteria attacks the nervous system and lung of the baby to come can lead to death in utero. To avoid this type of complication, you must consume pasteurized milk and cheese as well as cook meat, fish and shellfish well. Rillettes, pâtés, foie gras, sushi and carpaccio will also be avoided during pregnancy.

The drinks

Caffeine, tea, coca will be limited to one to two cups a day, with the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy and low birth weight at term with a baby with an accelerated heart rate. Energy drinks such as Red Bull are to be avoided due to their high caffeine content.

Alcohol will be banned throughout the pregnancy because it will promote prematurity, low birth weight, stunted growth, malformations and brain disorders.

Throughout your pregnancy, especially have a varied diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, drink 1.5 liters of water a day, do not eat for two but eat better! If you weigh more than 12 kg, you will have a hard time losing those pounds after giving birth … so think about it from the beginning

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