Comparison among Android mobiles and iPhones

Comparison among Android mobiles and iPhones

The choice of getting the latest, and most advanced smartphone, comes with variety of questions and comparisons based on how it performs under various circumstances. The attributes that could judge a smartphone varies from small scale software integrations to the hardware that are being used with it, and within it. The major trap that most people face about selecting the good phone, is the dilemma to choose an android or to go with iPhone ranges. Smartphone price varies in them, but both are somewhere coming closer to proving the look to services that consumers get. To have an opinion upon these 4G budget smartphones that people mostly choose, and to compare them, read the below points-

  • Calls and messaging- The basic mobile phones do not offer the wide variety of applications to conduct calling and messaging operations. Google Hangouts, WhatsApp messenger, Google Duo, Skype are some applications that enhance user experience on chatting and calling on both iPhones as well as androids, but some specific applications such as iMessage, and FaceTime are applicable for only iPhone users. The top trending smartphones have these features already built in them, but needs to be downloaded manually sometimes.
  • Internet Browsing- Android provides the browsing through Google’s chrome browser, but iOS provides the same through application called Safari. The browsing experience differs a lot on both these 4G smartphones. These smartphones offer range of options to surf web, but these are the primary tools that any user access to get through internet upon android or iPhone mobile platforms.
  • Battery Life- The size of batteries that android smartphones provide, are usually large than the iPhone mobiles batteries. The backup that these 4G smartphones provide, usually is stronger when the mobile is new, and the level of battery keeps deteriorating with mobile life, which is not the case with iPhones, as the battery backup that they provide remains consistent to entire mobile life. The software optimizations for battery management in iPhone is much better than androids.
  • Photos and Videos Backup- iCloud is the Apple’s tool for cloud computing services, and it automatically backs up all photos and videos of the phone. The backup software available in android mobiles includes Google drive, Google photos, and many other such software. Basic mobiles do not contain this much advanced features to include cloud backups, only these category of smartphones offer a huge variety of them.
  • Security- After paying huge amount on Windows phone, the thought of having a secure mobile platform to work upon, is what customers desire the most. In case of android mobiles and iPhone mobiles, the main reason for malwares attacking the phone is through no reliable sources of downloading applications in mobile. iPhone users don’t usually go outside the Playstore, that is why it remains more secure than androids. If android mobiles are taken care, they too can give the best performance in security.

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