Benefits of Gas Fireplace Installation
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Benefits of Gas Fireplace Installation

Nowadays the dream of evening relaxation and cozying up on the sofa or fluffy carpet while the wind roars and the snow falls in front of a fireplace is not impossible unaffordable ideal with gas fireplace installation. This safe, modern and energy-efficient way of heating is tremendously popular among Canadian homeowners. Of course, skeptics will say that the atmosphere of traditionalwood fireplace is not the same. There is no smell, crackling sounds of the burning wood, a nostalgic traditional ambiance and a homey, warm feeling. Check over here the real benefits of gas fireplace installation.

1 Safety and health

     Though gas fireplaces can seem less aesthetically appealing than wood ones, they will not do any harm to your health. Wood burning fireplaces can produce smoke that causes some health concerns bothering sensitive lungs. Besides, gas fireplaces do not leave odors’ on your clothes like wood ones. In addition, you can leave fire unattended not worrying about the probability of fire hazard.

2 Energy-efficiency

Wood fireplace generates more heat, but a lot of it is lost up the chimney that brings cold air into the home through gaps in the insulation. Wood burning fireplace gives on average 10% of heating a room. A one-pipe vent gas fireplace provides a50% efficiency rating while the two-pipe vent model – 70%. It will reduce your energy expenses. Forget about high utility bills, use it as your primary heating source!

3 Convenience

 There is no need in buying, chopping and storing wood. All you have to do to light the fire is simply turn on the ignition switch.

Moreover, it needs low maintenance. There are no sparks or ash; you do not have to dispose soot from the bottom of the fireplace. There is no thick residue left on the inside of your chimney, reducing the amount of times you will have to get your chimney cleaned.

4  Marketability and the price.

Gas fireplaces are one of the top amenities homebuyers look for! According to Realtors survey, 46 % of homebuyers pay more for a home with at least one fireplace. If you are going to sell your home in the future, a gas fireplace is a good investment to make! Installing wood burning fireplace requires more expenses. An average price of wood fireplace installation can vary from $8,500 – $22,000, compared to $3,650 – $7,800 of gas fireplace installation.

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