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Basic guide to using top load washing machines in India

Top Load washing machines are a fitting option if you wish to buy easy to load washing machines. They make use of agitators which can thoroughly clean the toughest stains or dirt from all kinds of laundry. You can visit different e-commerce portals to get a comprehensive list of the Best top load washing machines, their usage, features and models offered by LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, Samsung,and IFB. There are a few precautions and factors you must consider when using your best top-load washing machine. Read along to know what they are!

  • Things to know about the sanitize cycle

The latest designs of the top-load washing machines are installed with motors that enable it to have its own sanitize cycle. These are primarily of two types, one with an onboard heater and one without it. If your chosen model has its own onboard heater, then it can acquire its own heating water without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach, however, if the heater is absent, then you’ll additionally be required to purchase special washing machine sanitizer tablets that are separately sold. Also remember to never put your clothes in a washing machine while the sanitizing cycle is on as it could greatly damage your clothes.

  • Pay attention to the detergents used

The best top-load washing machinesutilize varied kind of detergents so you must take care that the correct one is being used by you. If your washing machine belongs to the High-Efficiency model, then you must use high-efficiency detergents only. Failing to abide by this rule can lead to the overrun of the washer by suds and collection of moisture in places that it shouldn’t be. When this happens,your machine will smell dank and unpleasant too! In the case where you accidentally use low-efficiency detergent, you should immediately run an extra rinse cycle to clean it out.

  • What happens if there’s no sanitize cycle?

When you have a washing machine that isn’t installed with a sanitize cycle, then you can simulate the same by turning it to its hottest setting and the largest load setting. Once you’ve done this, just add a quart of white vinegar, 4 ounces of baking soda or 2 cups of lemon juice and let it run! This mixture will enable the machine to cleanse itself of all kinds of dirt, grime and foul smell along with hard-water deposits. Wait till the stage when the baking soda is completely dissolved, pause the machine and let it rest for about 30 minutes following which restart the machine. This will give a better cleaning to your machine along with make it look like new! After the washer is empty you just wipe down all surfaces with hot water and white vinegar solution.

  • Water usage

Generally, top-load washing machines use more water. This is because the use of agitators which clean better only when the tub is full of water making it easier for the agitator pole to tumble the clothes within the machine. Therefore, an important thing to keep in mind is to make sure to have an ample supply of water when using the Best TopLoad Washing Machine. If there’s a shortage of water supply, then it will make the motor exert more pressure thereby using much more energy for cleaning. Hence, ensuring good water supply is crucial not only for better washing but for proper maintenance of your machine as well.

Keep these basic things in mind while using your top load washing machine. You can even avail professional advice when you’re facing any troubles. Do this,and we’re sure your machine will work smoothly for years on end!

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