Python programming

All you need to know about Python programming

A Python certification course will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to acquaint yourself with the hottest new programming language that developers love.

First, there was C++. Then came Java, which ruled the roost since the mid-1990s as the programming language of choice – and it still does. In recent years, another programming language has begun to gain ground over the world. It is the ‘Python’ programming language, and if reports are to be believed, it is an even better programming language than Java. This explains why several programmers are enrolling for high quality Python certification courses in India.

What is the Python programme?

Without getting into the intricacies of it, suffice it to say that the Python programming language is an object-oriented, higher level one with more dynamic semantics than any other languages in use so far. It incorporates high-level built in structures for data, and also dynamic binding and types. Thus, it is a more preferred language for app development, as a connector between existing ready components and for scripting.

Programmers also opine that Python is much easier to learn owing to a less complicated syntax. This also makes it faster to learn the language, and it is more cost-effective to do so.

Consider the reasons why Python is gaining in popularity among programmers:

  • It shows increased productivity – easier to learn and easier to fix bugs
  • There is no compilation step, so the editing, testing and debugging cycle concludes and ends much faster
  • Even if a bug goes undetected in the testing stages, it does not cause a segmentation collapse but raises an exception that is hard to miss
  • It is one of the most introspective languages, with even the debugger cycle written in Python
  • Though it was developed in the 1980s, it has graduated to perfection levels in the last decade. Today, it is used to power social media, build gaming structures, test microchips, and has scores of third party libraries, etc.

Though several programmers learn Python programming online, it is always better to take a well-defined Python certification course from a reputed institute like NIIT. Their Python certification course is aimed at helping students develop competence in the high performance computing space in India and around the world. The course is designed keeping in mind the demands of the job market – already, Internet behemoths like Google are extensively using Python, and the demand for skilled programmers is always existent.

Thus, online certification programs from NIIT gives you not just the skills to navigate the competitive job market, but also to become an attractive prospect for recruiters.

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