Adventurous Dubai

Adventurous Dubai

Do you often look for adventure during your holidays? Head to Dubai, a country which offers lots of attractions and adventurous activities! Prepare your backpack and all the necessary equipment for different outdoor activities. Dubai is not only about posh hotels and luxury, but it is also an adventure capital. Get ready for a memorable holiday and below, find some top adventurous activities you can indulge into at Dubai.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Have you ever tried stand-up paddle boarding? Even if it is not that intense as swimming with sharks, it is still so much fun! The ideal location to try this activity is Kite Beach, where even newbies are introduced to it. There are competent instructors as well who make sure you are learning and following all instructions.

Once you have mastered this sport, feel the rush of adrenaline as you manage to stand up on the paddle board, no matter how high the waves are!It is actually different from traditional surfing where you have to sit when a wave comes. Instead, stand on the board and use the paddle to propel yourself through the water. Imagine the great fun you can experience!

Desert Camping

Adventure is not always about sports, but also about discovering new locations! How about desert camping? Go beyond the city limits and head to one of Dubai’s giant campsites, the desert. Generally, locals carry their gear in a 4×4 and head to the nearest sand dunes. A good place to start at is Shwaib, where you can drive off a track to access hidden campsites.

During the day, get the chance to explore mountains and wadi beds by 4×4 or practice desert sports like sand boarding. Also, get ready for an evening spent barbecuing while gazing at a clear desert night sky filled with stars!At other national parks like the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, catch glimpses of oryxesand gazelles which roam around.

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Want to feel strong emotions? Go for skydiving! Since Dubai is known for its luxury hotels and the world’s highest building, the best way to discover them is through skydiving. Jump out of a Cessna and head towards them in full speed! You are normally accompanied by an instructor who will guide you through this great adventure.

Take off from the Dubai Marina and strap yourself to the instructor. Feel the instant free-fall rush of adrenaline as you jump out of the plane just above Palm Jumeirah. When your parachute opens, grab this opportunity to relax and admire breathtaking views of Dubai. Descend gently towards the Palm Drop Zone.


Do you know you can ski at Dubai? With a mountain themed ski resort called Ski Dubai, this dream has become a reality! It is found at the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. With this amazing indoor megaplex, feel as if the Alps itself has come to Dubai! Also, experience the wintery atmosphere while you indulge into your favourite sports.

At Ski Dubai, get the chance to ski or snowboard on one of its 5 slopes. A space of 242,000 square feet is provided. Plus, enjoy other fun activities like: tubing, sledding, wall climbing or downhill zorbing. There are also many snow events in which you can participate. Get the chance to encounter penguins as well!

The Burj Khalifa

Want to experience the splendour of the world’s tallest building? Without a visit to Burj Khalifa, your holiday in Dubai is incomplete! Take an elevator to go up the 2 observation decks. Once up, you are greeted with picturesque views of the city. If you are not scared of heights, it is the best adventure activity for you.

The Top’s Level 125 is the most popular observation deck which is about 1500 feet high. Want to go higher? For an additional fee, go as high as 1820 feet on Level 148 to enjoy a spectacular 360º view. Feel on top of the world as you ascend the very tall Burj Khalifa building, one of Dubai’s famous landmarks.

These are but some of the adventures you can enjoy in Dubai. There are yet many other attractions and activities that also provide you with a sense of adventure. Pack your bags and set off to Dubai, the city of adventures!

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