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A smartphone can help you in living alone

As a kid almost most of us dream to be living alone. It seemed like a fantasy to be the king of your own world with freedom to do everything that you wish and when the adolescence takes it toll, the idea seemed to be more lucrative and the desire further increased.

Finally, when you really got a chance to practice the foresighted dream, it progressively seemed strange as you had no qualms with being alone. You constantly realized that they probably weren’t obsessed with you; they just legitimately wanted to make things work smoothly and probably loved you! Now to love you in your small nuclear home, smartphone can act as your family helping you with almost everything. Here is a list how it can be your ‘companion’ in need.

Helps you cook food

Smartphones come handy in times of dire need and make your life as easy as a cake walk. The user interface is made to serve millennial who like everything at a finger’s click! You can cook up a meal when you crave homemade food. If online recipe videos aren’t your thing, you can even video call your mother and excite her with the pleasure of learning face to face. But if you’re lazy bones like all of us, you could always order from scores of apps like swiggy, zomatoetc

Helps you to shop

Be it scorching heat or chilly winter time, you no more need to step out and exhaust yourself over choosing clothes that’ll accentuate your personality, online shopping is just a click away! What comes as an added advantage is that you can now choose from hundreds of shopping apps that will cater to all your clothing needs. When you’re new to a city and don’t know where to shop from and set up home, online shops like Amazon, pepperfry and so on could be your knight in shining armor! You can choose from an array of options ranging from furniture to decorative accessories for your home and crockery!

Keeps you organized

Need reminders for the whole nine yards? Well, this little device is on the ball for you!
Regardless of the activities you need reminders for; smartphones are in your court for everything. From drinking water at every hour to waking up with 10 alarms, it is barreled with such facilities. To name a few we have apps like GTasks, Life reminders, Tick Tick etc. Astonishingly it can even help you in setting reminders for grocery shopping, keeping a check on your menstrual cycle and even the last time you shopped!
It makes sure to keep you disciplined and organized in your everyday routine.

Helps you to pass time

Always lived among the hustle & bustle of a joint family? We can well imagine your childhood sharing a room with your siblings and dreaming about living alone. And now when you finally managed to beat the chimera, you begin to miss the unwanted noise. It all now seems dim and dull. It’s now when your smartphone arrives, bowing its head in your majesty. Providing you with hordes of activities it tries to complete you. It accentuates your mood at a drop of a hat, flourishing with options of gaming, video chatting, clicking pictures, reading books, watching movies and episodes, and surfing on the internet and what not?

Helps you make friends

 A phone can never make you feel homesick. Providing an enormous range of activities, this smart device works hard on accentuating your social life. Be its calling/texting facility or the list of applications it involves, everything works for your gain.

Today there are applications like ‘happn’, that help you make friends living near you. As it says, “Meet people with whom you cross paths”, it can actually help you make friends. Further, the regular yet the most powerful apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc., can help you be in touch with your older circle and mingle you with new ones.

Acts as your guide

No matter if it’s your job or studies, living alone make you independent. Your phone plays a major role in contributing to this factor. It helps you in curbing a huge amount of funds by simply downloading various books or using certain education applications. Although some books might charge a minimal amount a majority of them are free. If you are a working professional, the internet is your favorite chaperon. Apart from education, it makes you aware of your surroundings. It keeps you updated with the latest current affairs and news events.

To silver line your living experience, there are thousands of smartphones available in the market. Depending on the Android version, processor, memory storage, battery backup and camera quality you can make a smart decision. Since the markets are locked stalked and barreled with so many options you must deeply analyze the features and then buy a phone. Although there are brands who make you believe that a smallest of luxuries are deemed to be expensive, there are few affordable brands like Panasonic India Smartphones, OnePlus, and Oppo that help you put your worries down to rest. After all, living live a king (alone we meant) has its price.

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