59% of B2B companies use emailing to generate leads. A large majority of them buy contact databases that they bombard with e-mails hoping that, in the mass, they win customers. That’s a very bad idea !

I meet a lot of companies in B2B who think that e-mailing is a mathematical question: the more emails we send, the more chances we have to win customers. Suddenly, they spend crazy money in the purchase of email databases.

Is this your case? If so, I am sure that the return on investment is not at the appointment, I’m wrong?

Buying an email database and bombarding promotional messaging contacts still worked a few years ago. Now it does not matter anymore. Worse, it negatively impacts your image and frustrates the recipients.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should not buy basic B2B emails.

1. Email databases are not always up-to-date

This is why all companies that already buy email databases have verified it themselves.

The fault does not even come from the basic email providers, it’s a natural fact.

On average, we notice that 20% of contacts in an email database, purchased or acquired, are out of date after 12 months.

Between the moment of the purchase of an email database and the moment when you use it, you inevitably lose some of the contacts.

2. Contacts are often not needed

This is an important reason: by buying an email database, you buy contacts that match your target.

They work in the right sector of activity, exercise the good function and evolve in a company realizing the good turnover.

However, just because your contacts match your target does not mean they have a need. And that, by buying an email database, you have no way of knowing it.

So you send your emailings haphazardly the chance. Which brings us naturally to the next reason.

3. The buyer refuses to be imposed information

With the Internet and social networks, the buyer has become accustomed to conducting his own reflection. He enjoys getting the information he needs when he needs it.

In other words, the buyer no longer accepts being interrupted in his day by communications that he has not requested .

By buying an email database, you are going against the expectations of the buyer.

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4. You do not have enough elements to send an effective emailing

On the other hand, the buyer wants you to guide him in his purchase thinking by offering quality content answering the questions he asks himself throughout the purchasing process.

To send an effective emailing, you must know the level of maturity of your prospect, its problems and its context.

A good emailing is a personalized and contextualized emailing . By purchasing an email database, you do not have the information you need to send the right message.

5. Buy email databases will take you to SPAMS

By sending emails to contacts from a purchased base, you degrade your sender reputation and finish more or less short term in SPAMS.

To put it simply: Emails that go directly into SPAMS are emails sent by shippers who have a bad reputation.

A bad reputation results from complaints from recipients who report you as undesirable but also from other indicators such as a high churn rate or a low open rate!

By purchasing an email database, you can be sure that these indicators will be bad for your emailings.

6. This is not legal: think CNIL and RGPD

This reason is worth all the others: sending emails to people who do not give you their consent is not legal!

Buying an email database goes against the prerogatives dictated by the CNIL and the RGPD, the General Regulations for the Protection of Data.

To send emailings legally, you must be able to prove that you have received the recipient’s consent. You expose yourself in the opposite case to heavy financial penalties up to 5% of your turnover!

7. You throw your money out the windows

Buying a base emails is like throwing your money out the window.

I do not know a B2B company today who regularly buy email databases and generate ROI.

Mass emailing no longer meets the expectations of the buyer.

You must now put in place a strategy allowing you to generate leads that accept to receive your communications and that leave you for their coordinates.

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