memorable sunrises during our World Tour

7 memorable sunrises during our World Tour

First, memorable sunrise on Yuanyang rice fields in China

First memorable sunrise of our World Tour, rice fields of Yuanyang in China. Imagine a valley with rice terraces in water as far as the eye can see , a little mist and a sun rising shyly. Without forgetting, nobody around us. Magic ! Even if the sunrise was not perfect (because of the haze), it remains one of the memorable sunsets of our World Tour in my eyes.

Know that from December to March the rice fields are in water , from July to September they are green and from October to November they are dry and brown.

Learn more about Yuanyang rice paddies: 3 days in Yuanyang rice fields in Yunnan .

Then, the most popular sunrise: Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Forget the calm and do not expect to be alone to admire the sunrise on the mythical Angkor Wat. It must be said that visiting the temples of Angkor without attending a sunrise is unimaginable. Due to its location, the temple of Angkor Wat is the number 1 spot to admire the sunrise in Angkor . The sun is rising right behind him. Thus the temple is gradually revealed with a game of Chinese shadows. Beautiful !

Beyond the world and the “galley” to go to Angkor Wat by night, the shadow sunrise of Angkor Wat is unforgettable.

Back to our discovery of the temples of Angkor: Visit the temples of Angkor in 3 days: advice and program.

Then, the most beautiful sunrise: Bagan in Burma

Another mythical place in Asia and other memorable sunrises: the temples of Bagan. Nearly 2000 pagodas, stupas and temples spread over an archaeological site of more than 100 km2. Unbelievable ! During our 4 days in Bagan, we attended 3 sunrises. I will never forget the one from the 446 temple in the middle of nowhere, only 2 to admire the sunrise with temples, stupas and hot air balloons .

Finally, in Bagan, you will undoubtedly attend memorable sunrises if you choose your temple.

Learn more about the temples of Bagan:  Visit Bagan: 4 days among the temples of Bagan .

The most sporty sunrise: Mount Rinjani in Indonesia

2am, the alarm clock rings. It left for 3 km of walking with 1km of elevation to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani. 3 hours later, we finally reach the top pile by the hour to admire the sun rise . Unbelievable ! A sunrise on craters, lakes, surrounding mountains but also on the Gili Islands, Bali and Mount Batur.

The sunrise from Mount Rinjani is the one that required the most effort and motivation. However, it was worth it!

Climbing Mount Rinjani:  3 days trekking on Rinjani volcano in Indonesia

Then, the quieter: Gili Meno in Indonesia

After the exhausting sunrise from the summit of Mount Rinjani, it was on the island of Gili Meno that we put our bags for 1 week. And against all odds, we saw one of our most beautiful sunrises. It is directly from one of the beaches of the island that we admired the show. A calm sunrise. With only the sound of the waves, on the sand, with the backdrop of Mount Rinjani. Memorable!

Next, the most spiritual sunrise: Ayers Rock in Australia

A sacred place for Aboriginal people, Ayers Rock / Uluru is a 348 meter high sandstone rock lost in the middle of nowhere. The sunrise over Uluru is just an amazing and unforgettable moment. Dream scenery and beautiful color changes. Impossible not to succumb to these sunrises.

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