5 good reasons to have the TECNO MOBILE CAMON CM

5 good reasons to have the TECNO MOBILE CAMON CM

 .The  Tecno  CAMON  CM  CMore )  is the first smartphone of the brand to offer a Full Display screen   in 18: 9, one of the most interesting features of the  latest  in the series of  Camon

To be honest, this is only part of what the phone can offer.  Here are the 5 good reasons why you absolutely must get the  CAMON  CM.

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1.  The   CM Camon allows you to aim farther

The  18: 9 full display device,  which is a new type of display maximizes the size of your screen leaving almost no border.  Your screen is therefore much larger without increasing the size of your Smartphone.  Real comfort in your hand and for your eyes! 
The  Camon  CM will allow you to play videos, books or play in the best conditions. 
It will also simplify multitasking and dividing your screen so you can manage more than one task while being able to see other windows open.

2.  The  CMore  take   more attractive selfies and faster

The CMore take selfies more attractive and faster

Dissatisfied with the quality of your  selfies  during the night?  A 13 MP front  camera  with a powerful flash will let you reveal the best of yourself! 
The brightness of the front flash reaches a strength of 60 lux, which will minimize the noise  (blur)  of your night shots and offer very bright images.  It’s not great ??? 
In addition, your beautiful smartphone has a technology that allows you to take  selfies  using the fingerprint reader at the back.  There you go !  Very convenient and fast. 
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3.  To shine brightly

Why did they endow their camera with four   back flashes ? In  your opinion?  Just to help you capture the most beautiful moments of your nights!  The brightness of  CAMON  CM is 3 times higher than   traditional flashes . Two  flashes  for dark and black skin  is beautiful, but with FOUR  FLASHS it is even BETTER.  

4.  Being more connected to the world

Be more connected to the world with the camo cm

With 4G  LTE , you can transfer your data, audio and video files or images faster, allowing you to connect to the world more easily and efficiently. The signal is more stable and more powerful.  It is better suited to the hectic pace of our daily lives today. 

5.  The  Camon  CM has a more secure screen

The Camon CM has a more secure screen

TECNO  MOBILE has thought of everything while offering you the Camon  CM .   With it, you will have the best visual effects and a touch more lice because of its thickness of 2.5 D, very resistant to avoid broken screen

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