Have you heard of the Inbound Marketing methodology and want to take action? Inbound Marketing is a relevant B2B strategy but it is important to follow a few key steps to get results. Here they are.

1. REALLY Form to Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is like many things: many talk about it but very few really do.

Inbound Marketing is used in all the sauces and some do not hesitate to tease you by constantly putting under your nose the promise of Inbound Marketing:

“Inbound marketing is great, it allows you to attract customers to you rather than chasing after them”

That is true.

But to take full advantage of Inbound Marketing, there is a very precise methodology to follow . If you do not apply it to the letter, you can wait for the results for months and months, you will never see them.

Who says attract customers to you does not say effortlessly. Inbound Marketing is about refocusing your energy, skills and resources.

Before launching the big maneuvers, I strongly recommend that you study the Inbound Marketing methodology and then experiment. For this you can:

  • Read our Inbound Marketing Guide for Innovative Business
  • Read our Guide to Successfully Inbound In 120 Days
  • Pass the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification (free)
  • Regularly Consult Inbound Marketing Expert Blogs

2. Define Accurate and Complementary Objectives

Without objective, no result. Like many, I learned it by starting Inbound Marketing over 8 years ago now.

You must set SMART goals for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Real, and Time Delimited.

Work here a revenue goal from which will result a goal of customers, leads and visitors needed to generate all that.

3. Promote Collaboration between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales must now work hand in hand. This is the only way to meet the expectations of the modern B2B buyer .

Concretely, Marketing must generate qualified leads, bring them to maturity and transmit them to the sales representatives who will be in charge of the conversion.

It is a condition sine qua non for a successful Inbound Marketing strategy.

4. Work on your Personas and their Purchase Path

The Inbound Marketing strategy consists of attracting visitors to your website, converting them into qualified leads and then loyal customers.

For this, it is important to deliver the right message to the right person, the right place, and the right time.

Here, there is no secret: you must know your customers at their fingertips and fully understand the way they buy in order to offer them content that meets all the questions they ask themselves according to their level. of maturity.

This is the interest of the work of Personas,  essential work to create the right Inbound Marketing strategy.

5. Build your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Now that you have specific goals and you know the expectations of your target, you can build your strategy.

Do not take this step lightly: It is important to work on a documented Inbound Marketing Strategy to get results.

Would you like to discuss your Inbound Marketing Strategy with an expert? Enjoy a Free Audit!

6. Optimize your Website for Inbound Marketing

To generate leads with your Inbound Marketing strategy, you need to have visitors to your website and convert them.

Your website must be visible and thought for conversion.

I recommend you here to read the article I recently wrote to turn your website into a machine for customers.

We talk about SEO in search engines and conversion tunnel creation: 2 cornerstones of an effective Inbound Marketing strategy.

7 Write Quality Content

Doing Inbound Marketing is a thorough review of how you approach customers.

To carry out an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, you must agree to stop selling to guide the buyer through the buying process.

The key here is to objectively address the issues of the buyer and the questions it poses throughout its purchasing journey by creating quality web content.

8. Promote your content

If your content is optimized for the web, it will be well positioned in the search engines. But you can not just do that.

You must use all the channels at your disposal to transmit your content to the buyer.

Promote your content on the preferred social networks of your target and also think to deliver it by e-mail, E-mailing remains the most effective lever in B2B today.

Inbound Marketing is a multi-channel strategy.

9. Analyze your Inbound Marketing Actions

One of the major advantages of Inbound Marketing is the ability to measure the performance of your actions in real time.

So be sure to regularly analyze the impact of your actions in order to define what works, what does not work and optimize your Inbound Marketing strategy over time.

10. Invest in a Marketing Automation Tool

We will not lie: an effective Inbound Marketing strategy requires a lot of work.

There, you may be wondering how you will be able to do all this with the little time you have?

I strongly recommend investing in a Marketing Automation tool  to save time by automating low value – added tasks to allocate to your Inbound Marketing strategy .

Marketing Automation also allows you to automatically measure the level of qualification and maturity of your leads, to send automatic e-mails according to their behavior or to transmit at the best time the hottest leads to sales representatives.

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